Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cabbage Patch Doll Value

The prices and current value on the Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls will vary depending on the age and maker of the doll. You'll probably find that the values of the dolls in the secondary market are generally low, although that secondary market is pretty large.

You'll find that you can purchase vintage and limited Cabbage Patch Kids dolls in a variety of places, eBay being probably the more popular place to start your search, as you'll find decent prices on the older dolls.
If you are interested in starting or continuing your collection of Cabbage Patch dolls, you'll find that some of the lines are more valued than others. The "Baldies," "Red Fuzzies" (those dolls with red yarn-like hair), and some of the original dolls produced by Coleco will value at or around $100.

The original dolls produced by Roberts and Morehead can value at over $1,000, but you'll find that most of the dolls value around $10 to $30.

In some cases, if you have the original papers for the Cabbage Patch dolls in your collection, you may find that the value of the dolls may potentially rise a little, of course that all depends on the doll.


  1. What exactly should I be looking for? My daughter was given a doll that is still in the original box? She has her papers attached as they were when sshe was put in there. the plastic window has seperated a bit from the box so I know it will make a difference. All i can tell is that her name is Hedy Aleen and she is 1985. What more do i need to know to decide if this a toy to play with or something to put away in safekeeping for her? If I remove her from the box to look at a signature, will that drop her value?

  2. We have a 1979 Sabrina Zandra Cabbage Patch Doll.She has Red Fuzzies-Red yarn like hair, signed birth certificate,signed butt,and first year birthday card signed by Xaviar Roberts.Offical Registration Number.C2618.If interested call.1-309-458-6211 or

  3. My 1985 16" porcelain limited edition s/# 4885 has a # before the signature Xavier Roberts is DFM 145 on the back of the head what is this # & how dose it affect my cbk value ?

  4. I have the 1986 US space shuttle cabbage patch doll. It is in the orginal box and all adoption papers are still in the orginal envelope. This cabbage patch has never been opened. Can anyone help me with the value? I am thinking of selling it.
    please email me

  5. I have my late mothers twin cabbage patch dolls,16" porcelain,item #4885,names Della Francis and Timothy David,boxes state Limited Edition,they are in velvet matching outfits.I'm lost on what to ask for these,as i was never a doll fan,my mother had over 700 in her collection,these the only cabbage patch kids. Janet

  6. How do I find out values, money wise